ITI Loan Coupon Book Setup

The ITI Coupon Program allows for greater control, program flexibility and faster turnaround time for the production of loan coupon books.
Services & Support
  • Data is received, processed, printed, and ready for distribution within 24 hours on regular orders.
  • System is parameter driven by client and application for easy maintenance and control.
  • Coupon production and reject reports are generated for all orders processed for audit purposes.
  • Full data communications available for file transmissions.
  • Program has been developed with the aid of financial institutions
 System Highlights
  • Laser print MICR/OCR for highest quality available. Branch capture capability.
  • A wide variety of coupon formats. Standard coupon and cover colors are blue, grey, green, brown, burgundy and yellow.
  • Complete in-house graphics capability. Covers and inserts can be custom designed.
  • Up to ten marketing or informational message inserts can be included in each coupon book. Name and loan number may be printed on each insert.
  • A two line marketing message may be printed on each coupon.
  • Payment return mailing labels are included in each book.
  • Coupons and mailing labels can be printed by branch or department address for direct remittance.
  • Coupon books may be mailed directly to borrowers or returned to the bank.
  • For institutions that wish to limit the number of coupons produced, a reorder message will be generated after the prescribed number of payments.
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